Here’s a handy weekly study schedule template. It includes Plans for the Day, Study Periods and Breaks. Helpful when you have finals or just a really busy week! 
All you need to do is fill in the subjects and what time you will study and take breaks. This table is based on the Pomodoro Technique, aka the 45-15 rule. 
Happy Studying! 


So let’s pretend we don’t care, because eventually we won’t, because caring makes it so much harder to try and move on.

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You don’t understand;

My brother and his wife are both dentists. They just found out the sex of their baby is a girl.

I’m trying to convince them to name the baby Hermione.

My brother said if I get 100,000 notes he’ll make it her middle name.

Help me have the coolest niece EVER

If this doesn’t happen I will be thoroughly displeased.

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"you choose your favourite character because they remind you of yourself"


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I found myself thinking about you again with my heart beating faster than ever and hard enough to feel it beat out of my chest

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